ISMs Global is your one true partner in site management
cooperating with customer's needs to benefit the bottom line
maintaining control over your stock
Offshore systems to enhance everyone's safety
Safe transportation management made easy
superior catering management & access controls

ISMs Village

Described by clients as a system clearly developed for site operators, ISMs Village delivers centralized housing management, detailed Client profiling and so much more


ISMs Security Access

Manage Site access, Dining facilities and Office complex entry by using the ISMs Access Control module which integrates Active/Passive RFID, Bio-metrics and IdM software


ISMs Stock Control

Material person management, Stock Receipt/Transfer and strict Approval levels are some of the controls ISMs Stock delivers to coordinate your supply chain warehousing


ISMs Catering

Superior back-of-house catering management with built in food cost controls and detailed recipe cards means projecting your future menu calendar costs is now an exact science


ISMs Transport

Passenger & Logistical scheduling, Route management, Seat allocation and Vehicle maintenance history - ISMs Transport is the key to moving your people safely


Isms News

Make an on-line order, request Meeting refreshments, service vending areas or view the Specials of the Day in the canteen from the comfort of their own desk. ISMs Out of the Box thinking; giving your office associates a better way to enjoy their dining experience.

Further proving its turnkey capabilities, ISMs Global has added a ‘physical’ aspect to support its superior software by way of a JVP with a leading international security service specialist

ISMs understands the dynamic nature of the oil, gas and mining industry and the need to be able to share experiences and FAQs online. Introducing the ISMs Discussion Board

Open Forum

The Return on Investment for any capital purchase is always important to the bottomline yet, when it comes to software it is so much more than simple direct savings achieved through manpower savings as systems touch every aspect of an operation

The purpose and scope of any site management system can often be difficult and confusing to understand. Here, we try to unmask this 'newcomer' to the site management toolbox and illustrate the benefits for you

Understanding the concepts and determining the value of 'virtual' software solutions for your site can sometimes be a minefield. Why not read and share your thoughts with your fellow remote site associates on this, and more topics here in the ISMs Global Forum?


MULTI-SITE capabilities

ISMs Global's proprietary software delivers ‘old school’ reliability with state of the art design. As a standard, our modules are optimized to facilitate quick database queries and return swift responses to the user via Swipe Card functionality and Quick Search filters helping reduce operational congestion at every turn. Coupled with a 5-tier camp management setup structure our products remain unrivaled in the oil, gas and mining industry.

centralization & SECURITY

Having the ability to locally Host our system onsite, or manage it as a web-based application elsewhere, truly illustrates our ability to centralize all of your projects’ key information. And protecting this information is critical – that is why ISMs has developed an advanced internal User Group feature which allows you to limit user access to restricted material through the application of over 100 different privilege settings to safeguard your total operation.

seamless CATERING & STOCK controls

Providing responsible Stewardship to the oil, gas and mining industry as a whole is important to us and is why ISMs continues to invest heavily in the design and development of seamless applications such as our catering/stock solution. We have made it possible to accurately plan menu calendars in advance whilst identifying stock consumption and quantifying it against an individual storeroom. This means a chef can correctly forecast food costs and re-order in advance of busy periods…and as PoB numbers are directly derived from ISMs Village there is no longer the chance of over or under ordering on the day.


ISMs has over 20 inbuilt reports which can be managed directly from within the system and allow for a range of export options including .PDF, Excel, CSV and Rich Text format. Report customization options are available as an after-sales service giving you the choice of what information should be displayed; and in what format.