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ISMs Global, an owner operated company, is an international supplier of specialist software to the Oil, Gas & Mining industry trading in workforce and village management solutions. With a proficiency in translating expertise and project know-how into intelligent solutions for site administration, our systems benefit clients from day one through resource optimization, integrated business applications, consolidated information and an increased overall understanding of their business.

As our product of choice, ISMs Suite© comprises our top 3 software releases, namely ISMs Village®, ISMs Transport® and ISMs Stock®. Pure, or mixed, our product bundles provide clients with a sustainable competitive advantage in remote site and offshore operations coupled with the freedom to choose the right software for the job.

Balancing an established design and a solid commitment to Continuous Innovation in technology, protocols and data management positions ISMs Global as an industry-leader in quality, custom development and on-site support.

Interest to date has been wide ranging from full workforce management solutions to single warehouse installations. ISMs Global has been included in tender assignments alongside various global service providers to the remote sector as well as large international operators across 4 continents.

Company History

Established in 2008, ISMs Global began as the collaboration of two like-minded individuals who shared a similar service orientated background based in hotel guest services.

Taking from their experience, and transferring it to the Oil, Gas & Mining industry, the company Directors immediately saw a need for customized software which could administrate remote site operations in a similar fashion to hotels; namely the organization of workforce (people) logistics and village accommodation.

At the same time, it was recognized a 'pure' hotel system was lacking in key functionality needed when dealing with the operation of a 'camp style' environment.

Transitioning to become remote operators themselves, the directors continued to gather experience and grow the company profile to be a full-end solution for workforce management designed on the back of a true understanding of the industry.

In 2010, ISMs Global entered the market and established itself as a competitive and mature supplier to the industry. Expanding on the initial company formation in Dubai, the UAE, ISMs Global today boasts offices in Brisbane, Australia | Santiago, Chile | Manila, Philippines | Moscow, Russia; whereby servicing clients in all four corners of the globe.

And today, with the continued investment of their combined onsite learning, and the inclusion of a Program Director, ISMs Global now delivers a suite of products including ISMs Village®, ISMs Transport® and ISMs Stock®.

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