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ISMs Partner Bios

CorpSec International (CSI) was established as a specialised organisation for the sole purpose of delivering quality service to individuals and corporations requiring expert skills in Security Risk Management, Emergency Response Training and Asset Protection.

As a recognised expert in its own right, CSI has a healthy understanding of the standards and protocols necessary to successfully mitigate and manage a clients' potential exposure to risk.

MeM Consulting is a newly established company, which was created to collaborate with national and international companies, who need to improve their management through: Contract Management | Cost Control | Retrofitting Organizational Structure | Leadership Development & New Talent hires.

MeM Consulting also supports the private and public sector with their auditing and monitoring of third party companies who delegate part of their workload through OUTSOURCING SERVICES or through a concessionaire and need to be constantly managed via LEVELS OR SERVICE STANDARDS contract (SLA).

Our business management consultancy specializes in comprehensive facility management, organizational design, organizational culture and identity, processes, procedures, human resource selection and training of teams.

Starko began its origins in the fishing industry, yet quickly realigned the company business direction to include the construction of plants for fishing enterprises: the delivery of both individual components and complete sets of equipment for turn-key fishing industry enterprises in Russia.

Further, and in connection with the expansion and strengthening of the oil and gas industry on Sakhalin, LLC "Starco" also became actively involved in the market supply of materials and services specifically for this oil & gas sector; and also in the sphere of construction.

Inspection Apps is a company which is taking steps toward simplifying the cluttered apps marketplace by creating one app that can be used for multiple checklist inspections across countless industries. Inspection Apps provides a mobile software solution for Business, Government, Council, Real Estate, Building Inspectors, Mining, OH&S inspectors, and so many more.

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